Going Out With A Bang

Going Out With A Bang

Taken during my period

She’s not done with me, like she should really be done with me. I had the kids, so I’m not comprehending all this extra drama I’m having with my monthly visitor. I don’t know about you, but my period is on a whole new level of CRAZY. Not only is she causing the most epic drops, she has the nerve to plot & scheme with my hormones.

See, I thought that they were finished with those mean girl games during puberty. The dynamic duo recently speckled blemishes my face. Think of a chocolate chip cookie, but instead of the chocolate morsels, then random I’m gonna knock you off your feet cramps. The dynamic duo also talked to their little friends to reek havoc to my life; back ache & energy confiscator those b**tches make me sick. They jumped me.

I’m in my 40s and dealing with all of this, WTF! I assumed that in my 40s my period was gonna, quickly dry up and tell me goodbye. During this time of ignorance, one month my period disappeared. No I wasn’t pregnant, she just didn’t show up that month and I was so happy. I bragged. Yup I sure did. I told those close to me that she’s gone. I danced, did high kicks. A coworker told me that it’s just irregular. I was like oh no, she’s gone. I checked my period app and it had been weeks. I was certain that my period was gone.

My doctor told me that I had symptoms of perimenopause. I was like what is that? I never heard of perimenopause.

Perimenopause means “around menopause” and refers to the time during which your body makes the natural transition to menopause, marking the end of the reproductive years. Perimenopause is also called the menopausal transition. Women start perimenopause at different ages.
Symptoms: Mood swing

I’m miserable

Yup, I had perimenopause. My period was still here, doing what she does best, but with a vengeance. I also learned that I had fibroids. Which explains my massive backaches. All this time I thought it was my mattress. I even purchased a $200+ topper. I even began searching for a mattress during a darn pandemic. It was my little fibroids!

My OBGYN asked me what I wanted to do about the fibroids. She also asked if I wanted to have more children. I answered that question real quick, “NO!”She told me that they were not that big so I chose to not have them removed. I’ll deal with the heavy second day flow. She told me that if I changed my mind to let her know.

My face is still peeling from my new medication to reduce my hormonal breakout. The peeling is annoying, but it’s also my achilles heel. I love to peel things. I was that kid peeling paint from the wall. I got tapped on the wrist for that. Peeling dead skin from my feet. Peeling scabs, and acne bumps and leaving scars, yup that’s me.

Learning about fibroids, perimenopause never would’ve happened had I not visited my doctor. I encourage you to always seek advice from your doctors. My doctor not only knows my face, but I talk to her about everything. I want her to know me. To know what’s working and what will work. Please do the same. Love, Starlet.

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