Gray Hair In All The Wrong Places

Gray Hair In All The Wrong Places

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When I thought about aging and gray hair, I only thought about the hair on my head.

When I discovered my first gray strand of hair I didn’t freak out. I took a picture and posted it on Facebook.  That was the first gray on my head, but that wasn’t my first gray, oh no. My first gray strand grew out my cooch. 

Here’s the story, it was on any random day,  I was watching television, and my hands somehow, someway ended up inside my panties. I played with my curly hairs, nothing special, exotic, or unusual,  but then I felt something. I rubbed, tugged on my pubes, but one of those stands didn’t feel right.  I propped myself up, pulled my panties down further to inspect. Not a good angle. I got off the bed, with panties and leggings pulled mid-hip, I hopped to the living room for my purse, dug inside, grabbed a handheld mirror, hopped back on the bed adjusting the mirror to get a closer look. WTF!!!!! It was a gray strand of hair! 

I certainly had to look at this from another angle. I waddled over to the bathroom like a penguin to look at my reflection in the big mirror. There it was, a gray piece of hair! The texture of that gray strand felt so weird, it was like a plastic price tag fastener. I rubbed, gently pulled, then cut the hair. I studied the hell out of that strand in disbelief. A piece of gray plastic grew out of my body I thought. 

Not what actually grew out of me, but the texture was the same.

My stupid butt never thought about gray hair growing on my cooch. Whenever I thought about gray hair, I thought about the hair on my head. Well clutch the pearls, bite the bottom lip, and sanitize the tweezers gray hair doesn’t discriminate. When I really thought about it, like real logical thinking; hair grows everywhere on our bodies. We’re mammals! I Googled, Gray Hair Down There, here’s what it said (Read this with an English Accent):

Just like the hair on the head, the hair on the rest of the body, including the pubic area, is subject to graying. As people age, their skin produces less melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for giving skin and hair its color. … Again, premature graying can affect hair anywhere, including on the pubic region.

OK, OK gray hair down there, OK OK it took a moment to let that sink in.  Another thing to add to the beauty maintenance list. Humm what am I saying? Am I moisturizing these strands more than my dark pubes?  Am I cutting the grays only or just having all them broads removed during the wax?

It’s one thing to grow gray hair down there, but what happens when the gray strands grow out of your face? This happened to me too. I was applying my makeup and there it was, a small gray hair sticking out of my face. I kinda flipped out about this. I removed the hair gently with my tweezers. My hormones were all over the place said research. “You’re just getting old,” said a hater.

 Do you embrace the grays? Have the grays caused you any issues or anxiety? Let’s talk about it.

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