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Welcome To Your 40s

I created this site and my YouTube channel for those women in their 40s. It’s also a great introduction for those that are about to enter their 40’s. Take a deep breath, it’s ok really it is. You’re entering your fourth...

We Need Additional Pictures

When the doctor says that they need additional pictures anxiety, reflection, and fear can kick in. My First Mammogram Ok, here I was a 40 year old woman getting ready to take XRays for my first mammogram. I was more curious than nervous about the...

Just Turned 40? Stop Over Analyzing.

Just Turned 40? Stop Over Analyzing.

“I can’t believe I’m 40! Like I thought I’d be further in life. I haven’t traveled. I don’t have this awesome career. I’m getting by, but I’m just, just disappointed in me.” Have you said this speech or heard this speech (raises hand). I remember...

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