Welcome To Your 40s

Welcome To Your 40s

I created this site and my YouTube channel for those women in their 40s. It’s also a great introduction for those that are about to enter their 40’s. Take a deep breath, it’s ok really it is. You’re entering your fourth decade. You pretty much look the same, but honestly you’re feeling a certain way and it isn’t positive. I just sighed, it was a heavy sigh too.

Society has really messed women up. Instead of being blessed for all of the years that we’ve been granted here on earth, we’re sad and depressed. If we’re not married, if we don’t have kids, if we don’t have the successful career, if, if, if.

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All women are created differently. We’re all individuals. My path may not be your path and your path may not be mine, but guess what? We’re here. We can’t change the past. We can’t go back. I say this all the time, but we can not go back in time, it’s done. You and I, we’re here today, in the present. We have to be in this moment. How can we create memories, if we’re sulking about the old ones?

Physical Changes

Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels

As we get older, physically some things are going to change. Your hair may not be as thick, you skin may lose some elasticity, you may wake up and make sounds because you’re in pain, this is called getting older or aging. You’re getting older, not dying. It will be hard not to fall for the creams and serums that are going to promise you youth. It may be difficult not to have a consultation about Botox or see a surgeon about that stomach. Remember, if you opt for the fillers and the fixers, make sure that you’re whole on the inside. Embrace this decade. Smile. Rejoice. Dance. You went through a lot to get here…and you’re here. You’re here. You’re here!

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