Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

I’m not technically savvy. That’s the best excuse that I can give. I didn’t have access to my WordPress Admin and I was tired of being put on hold. Nevertheless, LoveStarlet is back.

The funny thing about this site is that I created it for women entering their 40s. I wanted this site to be the go-to site for women to feel good about their age. I made my own YouTube Channel and everything.

Somewhere along the way, I started to feel that many women were too focused on the past and how things used to be. How they used to look. The need to “stunt on” the younger girls by professing how good you look…and we do look good. The everyday use of filters really just made me say F-it. Live in denial, augmentation, lala land when you know damn well you’re fighting grays, fine lines, and cracks.

It’s OK to age, actually, it’s a blessing. Your body has been around for 4 PLUS DECADES. Work it out. Embrace It. Stretch it. Hydrate. Be blessed. Maybe there are some 40-year-olds that can use a page a like this. Just maybe.

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